Hit The Shops at Belvedere Square

Did you know that just nine minutes from our apartments near Johns Hopkins is North Baltimore's central gathering place?

It is called Belvedere Square, and thousands visit every year to shop, dine, and enjoy exhilarating fitness classes.

Highlights include:


When Dan Beck worked in the restaurant industry as a seafood buyer, he became friends with Maine's lobstermen. He was inspired by their centuries-old values and learned to respect the water. Dan opened Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls in 2014, and it quickly gained a loyal following. The restaurant features a simple design, and the chefs prepare the rolls according to tradition. Choices include Connecticut, classic lobster, and lobster salad. They can be enjoyed with potato chips and organic root Maine soda.


At Dutch Floral Design, no two arrangements are the same. Founder Paula Dobbe-Maher grew up in the Netherlands where her parents owned a nursery. She moved to Baltimore in 1999, and believes that there is nothing that can't be cured by a days work in the garden. All of the annuals and perennials come from the best U.S. growers. Paula focuses on color and enjoys helping customers celebrate special moments.


Kanjizai Martial Arts is where the classes will help you move better, feel better, and live better. It offers a unique cross-training opportunity by teaching the traditional art of jiu-jitsu alongside the modern one of Gracie jiu-jitsu. The instructors provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere that has students returning again and again. The studio comes complete with gymnastics training equipment and water-filled heavy bags.

If you would like to live near Belvedere Square and other premier destinations, please contact us. We will gladly arrange a private tour of our apartments near John Hopkins University so you can see firsthand all we have to offer.