Get Spooked at the Best Haunted Houses in Baltimore

In one of the oldest cities in the United States, there are a lot of haunted places to explore year-round. However, around October, it is enhanced by all the amazing haunted houses that you can visit. Are you ready to get spooked at the best haunted houses around our apartments near Johns Hopkins University?

Here are a few favorites:


Whether you like scary trails, freaky mazes, haunted houses, or the idea of a bloody butcher shop; you will enjoy walking through Kim's Krypt. It is here that you will discover acres of woods to tour and a mad doctor that wants you to become his next victim. At the newest attraction, you will discover what it is like to be in total darkness and we promise it is not for those who are easy to scare.


When you want a variety of different scary experiences, the Terror Behind the Walls is the place to go. It takes you back to a time when Eastern State Penitentiary was terrorizing those who had done bad things. At Halloween, you can hear the screams of those who were treated in the infirmary, tour the blood yard, discover what happens when things go bad in the machine shop, and more. All total, there are six different areas of fright for you to get up close and personal with.


Old warehouses can be the home of some very crazy stuff and it will be proven the minute you tour The Nevermore Haunt. It is a tour through history that takes on a morbid twist as you encounter strange creatures and more. It promises to be something that comes straight out of your nightmares if you are brave enough to enter.


If you love to be scared beyond belief, you will enjoy a night out touring the Bennett's Curse Attractions. These attractions include a haunting look through Ravenbrook Asylum where unimaginable evil awaits those who enter. However, if these things do not scare you enough, there are still four more scary tours for you to go on while you are thrill-seeking.

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