Spend a Day at the Maryland Science Center

Located just a short bus ride away at the Inner Harbor, the Maryland Science Center offers visitors hands-on opportunities with science, an IMAX theater, and the Davis Planetarium. This is a great activity to do with friends and family or visitors from out of town as it is suitable for all ages. Come learn about dinosaurs or nature, kinetic engineering, or magnets!

Hours and Discounts

The Maryland Science Center is closed on Mondays but opens the rest of the week until 5 or 6 with the exception of some major holidays. It is recommended to please check to confirm exact hours before you go. The cost of admission is about $25 with an extra $3 for the IMAX theater. However, on the first Friday of every month through July 6, 2018, admission is $10 from 5-8pm. This includes the IMAX presentation at 7pm.


The Center posts schedules regularly regarding the showing of their IMAX films and planetarium presentations. IMAX films are presented throughout the day on the half hour but the planetarium presentations are less regular. The IMAX presentations focus on science-related adventures such as beavers, butterflies, and engineering. The shows rotate regularly so be sure to check back if the one you want to see is not currently being offered. There is also a cafe onsite offering lunch and snack items.

The Maryland Science Center is a great place to explore and just be a kid again. Make it a great getaway for the afternoon or a Friday evening date and then hop over to any one of the nearby restaurants. Enjoy your adventure and contact us for more information on how you can make The Academy on Charles your new home in Baltimore.